Why Gateway device required?

Generation 2
currently I stopped assembly devices on China parts,
and I use Ford made factory module GWM (Gateway module),
it can be used from any modern Ford/Linkoln car, because it is a part of any new car now

This solution has following profit:
- factory made electronic block, this is fast speed, response,
stable work and long lifetime
- firmware update goes over a CAN like other car modules, so easy to use support
- GWM has OBD2 socket onboard, so able to replace usual car OBD2 socket on module built-in

Gateway module purpose is for getting data from HS CAN bus and send it to MS CAN bus to Convers+ display

- Turbo pressure indicator
- Automatic gearbox temperature indicator
- DPF indicator
- TPMS sensors temperature & battery state indicator